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inlegzool shock voetbed
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Edea inleg zool -shock absorbing voetbed

SHOCK ABSORBING FOOTBED Footbed made of vibro-absorbent material using “NOENE” technology. Specific for skating. Ultra-light material. Features perforations that allow air to circulate. In skating, the athlete is frequently exposed to shocks caused by impact. This negative energy propagates in the form of vibrations. The shock wave is transmitted across the structures of the lower body and upwards through the spine to the head causing micro traumas that may result in tendonitis, talalgia, periostitis, stress fractures and joint pain in feet, knees, hips, and back right up to the base of the skull. THIS FOOTBED ABSORBS 98% OF ALL THE SHOCK WAVES AND VIBRATIONS EXPERIENCED. To be used under the LITE ANATOMIC INSOLE, ensuring that the perforations match up. Avoid contact with broken skin. Hand wash. Do not wring.
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