Wij zijn wegens vakantie gesloten van maandag 3 tot en met zaterdag 8 Augustus.


Venice BL-Yellow
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Thermodress Venice BL-Yellow

Thermo dress "Venice" is made of Italian thermo fabric.

Two-colored dress "Venice" attracts attention with its originality, and when driving on ice, it seems that the figure skater is in different outfits.

On the sleeve of the dress, the mesh is set on a thermo fabric of skin color, which creates an imitation of the body against the light and at the same time maintains the thermo effect.
Ahead of the dress zipper with rhinestones, rhinestones also adorn the relief of the dress. The application "Hearts", decorated with rhinestones creates bright accents on the back and skirt of the product.

A large variety of colors of the dress will help to emphasize the individuality of the skater.

The graceful frill of mesh and semi-gloves are the perfect complement to this dress.

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