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Constellation Red
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Thermodress Constellation Red

The dress is made taking into account modern technologies for the production of sportswear.

 Specially designed dress design provides comfort and freedom of movement during training, as well as an ideal fit. Thermo fabric used in production has highly elastic,    breathable and heat-holding properties.

The dress is decorated with rhinestones inlays. The unique decorative design of the product creates the effect of a starry sky. The center of the decorative composition in the form of a company label made of rhinestones is located on the back. The dress fastens in front with a zipper with stasis, which is very convenient in the process of dressing. The presence of elastic semi-gloves, decorated with rhinestones, provides a good fixation of the sleeve.

 The dress creates a stylish elegant image and emphasizes the slender silhouette of the skater.

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